Terrace & pool area

Ideal for aperitivo, cocktails, high tea or smaller dinners, this highly flexible space can be set up in many different ways. For dinner, the terrace can sit up to 50 people, whereas it can accommodate 100 for cocktails. The area is very ambient and with various light features

Indoor space

Perfect for when you don't trust the weather to cooperate, as well as for dancing deep into the night. The indoor space can accommodate 100 people for dinner, and 110 for cocktails. The large windows allow you to enjoy the view, even though you're inside, and a wall can be put up to create a cosier space for smaller parties

Upstairs terrace

Arguably offering the best views, this large terrace is perfect for larger dinners, seating up to 100 people or cocktail hour, where easily 110 people can be accommodated

East Apartment

Aside from the formal event facilities, our property  includes 2 apartments where you can get ready for your event and spend the night

The East apartment can accommodate  maximum 4 people. It contains 2 bedrooms, each sleeping 2 people and features 1 bathrooms

West apartment

This apartment sleeps 4, divided over 2 bedrooms, and has 1 bathroom

Strada Grotte di Torri 70

02032 Fara in Sabina  Rieti, Italy

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